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For Creatives

The V People is a platform that gathers talents from across the board. We are the yellow pages to production, providing budding skills that gives fresh insight to the world of art. Photographers, models, makeup artist, hairstylist, fashion designers, graphic designers, art directors, if this is you, you are at the right place.
Our mission for The V people is to create a blooming platform for artist to thrive with interesting portfolio. After experiencing first-hand the headache and hard work of coordination and the defeat that comes along with it after going through the experience ourselves, we decided to put an end to this menace, in hope to find a sweet spot in the chaos. That’s not the best part, talents get full control of everything from fees, payment, and coordination without needing to worry about any extra charges or fees.


Of course, the striking question blazing across your mind would be ‘Why would I want to be served on the same platter with my competitors when clients can choose them over me?’ 

Great question! Well, let’s just put it this way. Why not gather forces, form a hell of a team, attract bigger clients to outshine the millions of lone rangers outside? Let’s kick ass together. 

Not sure? Contact us! We love to talk.

For Corporates

Congratulations! You’ve sealed the project of the year! The champagne bottles’ popped, now let’s get down to business. So…

We need a new blood for our campaign, have you found a suitable face for the job? 
Four absolutely different themes in eight hours, hot weather, what makeup and hairstyle and how should the sequence be, what do I do? 

It has been the same look for over a decade now, we need a fresh look, where do we find new blood with fresh ideas, art director, photographer, how about layout?

No fret. We have got you covered. 

The V People provides you all you need in production. Better yet, there’s no agent fees, the complete control in your hands! Pick what you like and put them together, your masterpiece is on the way.